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With 9 global data centers and our own private cloud, your source content is never far away from Whether you are distributing content from Atlanta or Beijing, your content is always just a few hops away. has put tremendous effort into ensuring maximum speed at every point in the cloud media processing workflow. Ingest, Processing, and Delivery have all had significant optimizations focused on speed. With 16-core instances and integration with Aspera's FASP UDP technology we ensure the fastest cloud media workflow on the market.

Our intelligent compute scaling algorithms allow us to accommodate ebbs and flows in your media processing workflow. Whether you have 2 files or 2000 files we can automatically scale the necessary resources to process files simultaneously and in a fraction of real-time. is the only cloud media processor to offer an SLA on queue times, meaning the time your job takes to begin processing. We also provide an SLA for platform uptime with an effort to maintain industry-standard 99.999% uptime. manages and maintains over 30 leading encoding engines including 2-versions of Harmonic’s ProMedia Carbon for support of wide variety of formats from broadcast to mobile. is a completely managed solution. You never have to worry about updates, patches, or hotfixes, and you never have to worry about these changes breaking your workflow. can accomodate almost any workflow. Our robust and mature API exposes access to all of our features programmatically. Watch Folders automate encoding from a specific source location at a set interval. The Desktop Uploader leverages Aspera’s FASP UDP technology with drag-and-drop simplicity. running on your own virtualized infrastructure.
Cloud based job intelligence managing both private and public cloud compute resources. introduces the HYBRIDCLOUD, combining the best of on-premise with the best of cloud-based media processing solutions.

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