Announcing the Private Cloud

Encoding Automation for Studios, Broadcasters and VOD Providers

Transcode catalogs of long-form HD video content with unparalleled speed at market disruptive pricing. Designed specifically for today’s premium content providers, the EDC Private Cloud offloads, automates and scales video transcoding systems to enable high-quality, secure playback on all web, mobile and home theater platforms.

first_iconHigh Speed Processing
  • Faster than real-time processing of HD content on powerful 32-core, multi-threading servers (3X faster than EC2)
  • 6X faster data throughput vs. cloud storage
  • 600Mbps connectivity to AWS, Rackspace and Azure clouds

third_iconUniversal Formats

  • All edit and delivery codecs including ProRes, Avid DNxHD, HDCAM, MPEG2-TS, H.264, MP4 and more
  • Dolby Digital Plus 7.1 Surround and HE-AAC

fourth_iconAdaptive Bitrate & DRM Packaging

  • Generate Apple HLS, Adobe HDS & Microsoft Smooth Streaming files
  • Package for Google Widevine DRM playback on iOS, Android, Web and STB
  • Playready API support

second_iconMassive & Secure File Ingest

  • 1Gbps ingest/egress using Aspera fasp 3™ technology 10GbE network on 170Gbps switched backplane
  • Single tenancy
  • Tape ingest
  • Private-line dedicated fiber for high-volume,high-bandwidth needs


  • Generate UltraViolet Common File Format (CFF) content
  • Full subtitle support
  • Widevine DRM, PlayReady
  • Coordinator and EIDR integration in development