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MPEG video generally refers to a set of standards and methods for compressing audio and video data. MPEG-4, refers to the feature set of MPEG reserved for digital rights management and support of higher-efficiency standards used by streaming media, HD DVD and Blu-Ray. MPEG-4 supports interactivity and has the ability to crunch massive video files into chunks small enough to send over mobile networks. Within MPEG-4 standards are two very popular formats utilized for broadband video delivery: H.264 and MP4.

With, MPEG-4 transcoding has never been easier. Our cloud-based platform offfers popular presets that utilize the MP4 video codec including the Apple TV, Blackberry, Sony PSP, .MOV, .MP4 and various profiles for HTML5 or Android. You can learn more by reading our helpful MP4 encoding how-to guides.

The platform lets you utilize a variety of methods to access our MP4-based presets, including:

  • Our flexible Encoding API
  • Adobe Air Desktop encoding software
  • Watch Folders
  • Web-based UI

Our cloud-based transcoding platform will ensure that your videos will work on virtually any target platform.


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