Ultra Fast Desktop Uploader

Up to 100x faster than FTP. Desktop convenience with cloud power.

Desktop Uploader

*High Speed Aspera Upload available for Max customers and above. All other plan types utilize FTP transport.

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Cloud Access

Now you are even closer to massive parallel cloud computing resources from your desktop.

Drag and Drop

Drag & Drop File Operation

Simply drag source files into the Encoding.com icon in your toolbar.


Powered by Aspera *

With Aspera’s UDP technology you can achieve blazing fast transport times, 100 times faster than FTP!

Ultra Fast Upload + cloud processing + automatic delivery
is faster than no upload + serial processing + manual FTP.

Rapidly Upload Files of Any Size to the Encoding.com Cloud
Thanks to our integration with Aspera, users can batch upload multiple source files directly from the desktop to the Encoding.com cloud at speeds of up to 100 times traditional transfer protocols like FTP.

Parallel Processing At Infinite Scale
Once the ultra fast file upload is complete we will assign each of your required renditions to individual CPUs for parallel processing on a massive scale. This is magnitudes faster than on premise solutions that rely on serial job processing on a single CPU.

Delivery to Your Destination of Choice
When processing is complete, Encoding.com will automatically deliver your content to multiple destinations of your choice including other cloud storage locations, content delivery networks, or syndicated via a YouTube channel with meta data.

Encoding.com and Ultra Fast Desktop Uploader
11 minutes 22
Upload time
19 minutes 38
Processing time
8 minutes 16
Automatic CDN Delivery

= 38 minutes61 percent faster!

Desktop Encoding – Handbrake
64bit 2X Quad Core Xenon 24GB RAM
0 minutes 1
Upload time
48 minutes 96
Processing time
14 minutes 24
Manual FTP to CDN

= 62 minutes

How it works
1.47 GB Source File @ 1280p 3500k 13861093
5 Ouput Redentaitona s:

1) MP4@1600k 2) iOS @720p 3) FLV@1200k 4) WEBM@2500k 5) OGV@800k
screen login panel


Step 1
Sign in with the API Key and User ID.

Login to the High Speed Desktop Uploader with your Encoding.com API Key and User ID. These credentials can be found on the My Account Tab within your client interface.


Drag and Drop

Step 2
Click on the Encoding.com icon in your system tray (Windows) or toolbar (OSX). Drag and Drop up to 10 files onto the Encoding.com icon.
Drag and Drop

High Speed Upload

Step 3
For Max customers and above take advantage of our high speed Aspera based upload. With speeds up to 100x FTP speed. For all other customers utilize the convenience of the desktop uploader with FTP transport speed.
View your uploaded source in the web interface

View your uploaded
source in the web interface

Step 4
Add output tasks in web interface

Once the upload is complete a media ID is assigned and a link is available to view the uploaded source content in the Enocding.com web interface. Click on the link and login with the Encoding.com user id and password you chose during the signup process. The link will take you to the web interface section where you can add an unlimited number of output renditions. Either chose from over 45 presets or chose to customize your own encoding parameters.

application system requirements

Your computer must meet or exceed the following system requirements in order to download & use the encoding.com desktop uploader app.

Windows / PC

                Windows 7, XP, or greater OS
                128 megs of ram
                Intel Pentium Processor 5 or greater

Macintosh OS

                Apple Mac OSX 5.71 or greater OS
                2 gigs of ram
                Intel Dual-Core Processor or greater
                32 Bit color