Introducing a browser-based UI that makes enterprise grade cloud encoding a reality for everyone…from studio professional to hobbyist

Maintaining our promise and dedication to our community of API power users

To date, the most common use case for cloud video encoding is high volume SD or HD video content. This represents a large segment of the overall video encoding marketplace and has worked hard for over 5 years to serve it well (We are now encoding several million videos a month!). News organizations, broadcasters, UGV sites, online video platforms, video training tools, and premium brands who publish high volumes of video content daily have integrated the API into their content management systems or applications. Offloading transcoding and delivery of their content at scale allows them to focus on their video production and customer experience instead of managing encoding engines and maintaining encoding farms. The encoding speed, scale and features available in the API remains unrivaled anywhere the industry. Moreover the API offers over a dozen open source and commercial encoding/decoding/editing/packaging engines within a single API framework and is backed both by the massive computing power of the Amazon, and Rackspace public clouds and now the Private Cloud.

Welcoming a new segment of power user

We have talked with countless customers who have much more unique and diverse video encoding needs than a high volume API based workflow. We believe there is a large segment of the video encoding market that wants the power of the cloud and does not want the hassle or complexity of desktop software or on premise encoding appliances. The reason cloud video encoding services have failed to serve any other market segment is that no service to-date has invested the time and resources to bringing professional quality video encoding features and usability from the API to the browser. That is until now. has changed the video encoding landscape yet again by bringing all of the power and functionality of our API to the browser and launching a web interface that rivals any desktop video encoding experience.  It is easy to throw a lot of features into a browser but much more difficult to make those features intuitive without sacrificing flexibility or power. Login, tour the new UI. and let us know what you think of this project that has been nine months in the making.

Intuitive features that combine power & simplicity

New user interface for, the universal video URL service: Previously was an API only based service, now user can create, manage and track’s within the web interface.  More specifically you can now:

  • Update a poster image or upload a custom one
  • Buy custom vanity URLs (e.g
  • Manage complete security preferences (duration, IP, and token management) per URL
  • Upload customized CSS for HTML5 and the Flash fallback player
  • High level stats per URL, all time views and views last 30 days
  • View/Copy Embed HTML5 and Video in Email Embed Code
  • Video Playback

Browser based upload tool: Dynamically return detailed source video parameters and thumbnails during upload, not after upload is complete. During upload configure an unlimited number of output renditions each with one or more delivery points.

New source or destination builder: Construct source or destination paths for all popular locations including FTP/SFTP server, HTTP locations, Microsoft Azure Cloud StorageAmazon S3 bucketsRackspace Cloud FilesDropbox, orAspera Enterprise servers

Configure multiple delivery points: FTP/SFTP/CDN/S3/Azure/CloudFiles/Dropbox for each renditions including syndication to Youtube with full meta data

Optional Data Center Selection: Process your video content in the datacenter closes to your source video content by selecting from 8 global processing regions, including the Private Cloud

Over 46 new presets: Specifically engineered and tested for maximum compatibility with all HTML5, Flash, mobile, tablet, and lean back (OTT) devices. Presets include all 3 adaptive packaging technologies: Apple HTTP Live StreamingAdobe HTTP Dynamic Streaming and Microsoft Smooth Streaming.

Customizable encoding renditions: Easily access over 70 encoding parameters by categories including Dolby audiosettings, resolution, aspect ratio, advanced editing features, and all 34 of the advanced x264 encoding parameters

Over a 100 new tooltips: Quick answers for all encoding parameters with advice and best practices designed to improve your output quality

Create and save customized presets: Create and save your own presents to re-use in the web interfacewatch folderor API.

Earn free encoding program: Create and share free unique links to give 10GB of free encoding credit to friends or colleagues. Receive 10GB of encoding credit to your own account for each invited friend who registers for and tries the service.

Localized timestamps: Select your time zone to display localized timestamps within the encoding queue and API notifications

Simplified Watch Folder setup: Quickly and easily setup a Watch Folder to check your FTP/SFTP, Cloud Storage, or CDN for new video files at any time frequency. All videos added to the source location after the last check time stamp will automatically be encoded into your Watch Folder’s pre configured output renditions. The Watch Folder is a great integration method for quickly encoding a hosted library.

New encoding queue and statistics page: Review real-time encoding activity within an account including individual and average jobs queue times per job, encoding success rates, average and individual job processing times, average connection speed from your source video content to our processing centers